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Eliminate Duplicate Work

Document group sessions without the copy and paste. In a single page workflow, complete the group therapy note and flow right into each client’s note. Once signed, all client notes will include the group therapy documentation. Simple and easy. 

Reduce No-Shows with Appointment Reminders

How much more could you earn if you reduced no-shows?

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Questions? Call 888.774.0532

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Offer Group Therapy With Ease

Easily manage all central administrative and clinical aspects: from creation of therapy groups and scheduling recurring appointments to one-page group therapy documentation and easy billing.

Trusted By Professionals Like You

Valant is easy to use, intuitive in functionality and adaptable.  I could not operate a practice without it.

- Kenneth Z.

Keeping track of the payments is a breeze. Progress notes are easy to use and treatment plan suggestions make this process easy.

- Ann S.

Every thing I need to schedule, bill, check the providers documentation, reconcile patient accounts, is all in view. A click or two and it is done.

- Nelda H.
Office Manager

When clients don't show up for appointments, it costs more than your time. Productivity, income, and client relationships suffer from no-shows.

Valant's patient reminders — customizable calls, texts, and emails — are built to help you reduce no-shows. 

This calculator estimates how much additional revenue you could collect by sending appointment reminders based on your practice's size and level of activity.*

*This calculator assumes $.09 per reminder and Premium or Power subscription. If you have a Lite or Pro subscription, select one more reminder per encounter than you plan to send for a more accurate estimate.

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Access streamlined group therapy progress notes, track outcome measures, offer appointments via integrated telehealth, and improve your reimbursement rates with an EHR designed exclusively for behavioral health practices.

Assign Measures, Questionnaires, 
and More

Enjoy the robust clinical documentation features Valant is known for with the ability to assign measures to group therapy enrollees and more. Our group therapy documentation will support popular Valant features such as quick narrative generation, pulling forward content from past notes, adding other signers, and the ability to customize which tabs are included in templates. 

Save Time Administering 
Group Therapy Appointments

With Valant’s flexible Scheduler, you can quickly create or reschedule group therapy appointments. Need to move a group therapy session from one provider to another? Easy. Changing the group therapy appointment from in-person to virtual at the last minute? With Valant’s Integrated Telehealth, you can do this on the fly in the Scheduler.