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Key Features & Benefits

Broadcast Messaging At Your Fingertips

Sometimes you need to send impromptu communications to groups of patients. Valant’s integrated broadcast messaging allows you to deliver updates to multiple patients through their preferred communication methods.

When you have a provider out for a day and need to cancel their appointments, you can send a broadcast message to 
all relevant patients, prompting them to reschedule.

Integrated Patient Communications

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Simplify Your Group Therapy Services with an All-In-One EHR 

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Questions? Call 888.774.0532

An automated and flexible reminders and broadcast messaging solution to recapture no-shows, collect payment details, and save your staff hours each week. 

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Patient Reminders and Messages,
Built Into Your EHR 

A client checking her phone to see a message from her therapist

Trusted By Professionals Like You

Valant is easy to use, intuitive in functionality and adaptable.  I could not operate a practice without it.

- Kenneth Z.

Keeping track of the payments is a breeze. Progress notes are easy to use and treatment plan suggestions make this process easy.

- Ann S.

Every thing I need to schedule, bill, check the providers documentation, reconcile patient accounts, is all in view. A click or two and it is done.

- Nelda H.
Office Manager

Cloud-based therapy group appointment creation, scheduling, documentation, and billing in one versatile cloud-based EHR. Using Valant’s built-in features saves your providers and front office valuable time administering group therapy.  

Two front office clerks review Valant's patient communications features
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Activate Patient Reminders

Solve Your Staff Shortage

It’s no secret. Behavioral health practices are struggling to meet surging demand, leading to staff shortages and challenges finding enough help to manage the influx of patients.

Automating your communications pays off. One three-minute phone call with a patient costs you an average of $1.15. If your office calls 20 patients a day, within one month, you spend 20 hours and nearly $500 talking with patients one by one. When you automate those messages, you can save over 93% of the administrative cost and free your staff to focus on valuable work.

Set Your Patient Communications on Autopilot

Getting patients to show up for their appointments and update their payment information can rack up hours of your administrative time each week.

Our new features enable your practice to send automated messages. No more tedious hours spent checking records and picking up the phone; your staff can get that time back to focus on valuable work.

Efficient, personalized patient communications features built into Valant. Go beyond the standard appointment reminder of yesterday.  

A therapist greets a new patient at the start of their first meeting

The Value of Reducing No-Shows With Appointment Reminders

A solo psychiatrist can recapture up to $25,000 a year in revenue through the effective use of automated appointment reminders. For larger practices, recaptured revenue can total more than $250,000. Compared to calling patients 1-1, practices save hundreds of administrative hours per year by adopting our integrated reminders.

How Our Pricing Works


Reminders are customizable automated messages delivered to patients and enabled through the Patient Communications page in Valant.

What is the “1st appointment reminder”? The first reminder sent to patients prior to each appointment. For Premium and Power plans, this reminder is included for free.

Broadcast Messaging

A broadcast message is a single message sent to multiple patients at once. Practices will only pay $0.09 for the reminder/message sent to a patient, even if the patient has opted in to receive communications through multiple methods (e.g., text and email).

New to Sending Reminders and Messages?

Read our tips on setting up your patient communications to meet TCPA guidelines. When sending patient reminders and messaging, behavioral health practices should follow TCPA conditions regarding messaging consent and frequency.  

Get Started

You can activate Reminders and send Broadcast Messages today in your Valant account. Log in, open Tools, and select Patient Communications to get started.

A psychiatrist and her client sitting down for a session
Activate Patient Communications
Calculate your savingsCalculate your return on investment

Cost Per Reminder Sent*

Lite and Pro

Premium and Power

1st Appointment Reminders



2nd, 3rd, Final Appointment Reminders



No-Show Follow Up Reminders



Credit Card Expiration Reminders



Insurance Expiration Reminders



Cost Per Message* Per Recipient

Lite and Pro

Premium and Power

Broadcast Message



Types of Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Final Appointment Reminders

Credit Card Expiration Reminder

Insurance Expiration Reminder

No Show Follow-up Reminder

Telehealth Reminder

All Active Patients

All Scheduled Patients

Individually-Selected Patients

Patients at a Specific Facility 

Patients who have Appointments with a Selected Provider

Types of Broadcast Messages

Send a message to the right people at the right time.