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Key Features & Benefits

All-in-One Patient Portal on App or Browser

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Simplify Your Group Therapy Services with an All-In-One EHR 

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Questions? Call 888.774.0532

Give patients one easy platform for all interactions with your practice.

Cloud-based therapy group appointment creation, scheduling, documentation, and billing in one versatile cloud-based EHR. Using Valant’s built-in features saves your providers and front office valuable time administering group therapy.  

Your clients expect a convenient and user-friendly experience from every service provider they encounter. They want common-sense patient portal navigation and the option to manage their mental health journey from the comfort of a handheld device. The MYIO app moves them seamlessly through every interaction with your practice, from initial onboarding to final appointment.

Deliver the Experience Patients Expect

Mobile or Desktop

Let patients take you with them wherever they go. MYIO is the first-ever behavioral health patient portal that offers both browser access and an app for mobile devices. The app puts all portal functionality at their fingertips on any mobile device, and the browser-based version offers the same comprehensive and user-friendly set of features.

Send Files and Save Secure Messages to Patient Charts

MYIO Patient Portal Features

Effortless Onboarding

Add new patients to your system, then sit back while MYIO does the work of inviting them to the portal, guiding them through account setup, and collecting their demographics and payment information by enabling the Automated MYIO Onboarding message..

Secure Messaging

Communicate and share documents with patients through MYIO’s secure messaging feature. Save attachments to patient charts in one click.

Patient Info

Patients can enter and update demographic, insurance, and credit card information in MYIO, which integrates with  their patient record in Valant.


No more meeting links or third-party logins. Patients can pay for and join individual or group telehealth sessions right from their MYIO account.


MYIO does the work of notifying patients about unread messages and forms to fill out so that you can focus on other tasks.

Give patients one easy place to pay bills, join telehealth sessions and message your practice. Through the MYIO app or browser, patients can securely communicate with you, join telehealth appointments, view and pay their balance, request future appointments, complete ongoing mental health assessments, access educational materials and resources, update their personal and insurance information, and much more.

Create a Central Hub for Patient Interactions

Keep your patient communications secure, efficient, and HIPAA compliant with MYIO secure messaging. It allows patients, providers, and staff to communicate and share documents. This makes it easier to send and receive “homework” activities and helpful resources without worrying about compromising security. You can also set up dedicated inboxes for certain types of requests, such as inboxes for billing questions, scheduling, and refill requests.


Give patients the modern, user-friendly portal experience they expect and watch your engagement and retention climb.

Collect Enhanced Demographics through Easy Patient Onboarding 

How much time do you spend keying demographic data into new records before helping new patients set up their portal accounts? MYIO does that for you. MYIO guides patients through the portal setup process and directs them to complete intake forms, then ports the information directly into your Valant records. Patients can update their information in MYIO at any time. You can even automate the portal invitation message sent to each new patient. Save up to 20 minutes of administrative work for every new patient with MYIO.

MYIO is an Included Feature for all Premium and Power Subscriptions!

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