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Simplify Your Group Therapy Services with an All-In-One EHR 

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Use one of our two clearinghouse partners to submit your insurance claims electronically.

Cloud-based therapy group appointment creation, scheduling, documentation, and billing in one versatile cloud-based EHR. Using Valant’s built-in features saves your providers and front office valuable time administering group therapy.  

Valant partners with two clearinghouses for efficient, integrated billing. Want to talk to a Valant representative about how to select the right clearinghouse for your practice? Fill out the subscription management form and we will help you get started.

Simply fill out the subscription management form and a Valant representative will be in touch to help you get started. 

We can help you choose the right clearinghouse for your practice.

The right clearinghouse can make all the difference.

Waystar delivers leading-edge technology that simplifies and unifies healthcare payments. It will keep your business operations accurate, efficient, on-time, and working on the most important claims. 

With innovative data and analytics, plus patient engagement and collaboration tools, Change Healthcare helps providers and payers optimize workflows to help drive accuracy, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

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Clearinghouses help your practice efficiently and accurately process insurance claims. Working with a clearinghouse lowers the likelihood of errors that could delay payment or cause claims to be rejected entirely.

Between our two clearinghouse partners, we have a 99.5+% first-pass rate for claims.

Our clearinghouse partners scrub each insurance claim for mistakes, verify billing codes, and confirm compatibility before sending claims directly to the insurance companies. They can help with everything from submitting claims to accepting payments to checking patient eligibility for specific services.

Here's how the typical billing process with a clearinghouse works

Each party in the insurance billing process has a specific role

Benefits of using a clearinghouse for your insurance claims

Why are clearinghouses important?

Our clearinghouse partners

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Practices and providers are responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating patient records within the EHR system 
  • Generating electronic claims through Valant, which are automatically sent to Waystar or Change Healthcare
  • Getting credentialed with the insurance companies of their choice
  • Completing and following up on payer enrollment forms received by the clearinghouse
  • Working corrected claims with the clearinghouse

The clearinghouse is responsible for:

  • Scrubbing claims for errors by inspecting each claim to ensure all information is correct
  • Sending scrubbed claims to the payers
  • Receiving ERAs from the payer

Insurance companies are responsible for:

  • If the payer accepts the claim, forwarding the payment to the practice per contract (either by EFT or check)
  • Forwarding ERAs to the clearinghouse

Valant is responsible for different things depending on the clearinghouse you decide to work with.

With Waystar, Valant is responsible for:

  • Sending the practice's contract to Waystar
  • Establishing a relationship between Waystar and the practice
  • Receiving ERAs from Waystar

Waystar will provide practices with full support, including for claims rejections and enrollment. Our partnership with Waystar also allows for an escalated support channel if something goes wrong and needs urgent attention. Practices can reach Waystar directly via phone. 

With Change Healthcare, Valant is responsible for:

  • Establishing a relationship between Change Healthcare and the practice
  • Receiving ERAs from Change Healthcare
  • Providing support, including for claims rejections
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